1. Auto-check Combustible Gas DetectorIt selects the semiconductor type gas sensing element which has high stability and small sensitivity drift. When the combustible gas concentration comes to the preset alarm threshold, the product would raise the alarm by emitting the alarm sound and its red LED flashing. It generally serves for the indoor places in which the combustible gas leakage may happen.
    1. Low Power Consumption Combustible Gas DetectorIt shows strong alarm sensitivity and conformability. The product is designed with ceiling installation mode. Its base can connect with the 86×86mm junction box. Meanwhile, the product can provide the manual testing and automatic reset functions.
    1. Wide Voltage Range Combustible Gas DetectorDuring the production process, the semi-finished product would go through the ageing for 8 to 12 hours. Then, we carry out the gas calibration to the semi-finished product. After being assembled completely, we would conduct the 12-hour ageing to the finished product to guarantee 100% ex-factory pass rate.
    1. Combustible Gas Detector With LED DisplayBy adopting the international famous brand high-stability catalytic combustion type sensor, the product shows the superiority of strong stability and small sensitivity drift. It can work on wide voltage range of AC100V-AC240V. The product can also be mounted with the backup 9V Ni-MH rechargeable battery.
    1. Combustible Gas DetectorThe product is outfitted with the MCU internally for central control process. And each functional module directly or indirectly connects with the I/O port of MCU. The program solidified in the internal of MCU can complete the normal work of each functional module. Thus, the product can be guaranteed to work more stably, reliably and safely.

Combustible Gas Detector

Our combustible gas detector is mainly for detecting the leakage of natural gas or the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). When the concentration of natural gas or the LPG in the air reaches the preset alarm concentration, the alarm indicator of the product lights and the product emits the alarm sound. The wired network type product would also output the relay signal, and the wireless type transmits the wireless alarm signal to the alarm control host.

The combustible gas detector is primarily applied into the indoor places in which the natural gas or LPG leakage may occur. Our product is manufactured by using the natural gas or LPG to complete the calibration strictly. The PCBA and the finished product all need to pass the 24-hour ageing test. Meanwhile, we utilize the fireproof ABS material to manufacture the face cover of the product, and configure the product with international famous brand sensor.

In addition, the plug of the combustible gas detector can be customized in line with the actual condition in different countries. The product is also oil contamination resistant. Its internal circuit is designed to prevent plagiarism to guarantee the uniqueness of product performance. Additionally, we suggest the user mount the product in the place where the gas would leak easily.

When there happens the gas leakage and the product raises the alarm, the user should take the following measures urgently.
1. Open the doors and windows immediately and turn off the hazardous gas source. The user can also not turn on or off any appliance switch. The lighter is forbidden to use.
2. Report to the gas management department at once, and let the professional staff complete the checking and repair work.
3. After the checking and repair work, the user should make the combustible gas detector stay in good ventilation environment.

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