1. Independent Carbon Monoxide Detector with Backup BatteryIt adopts the intelligent circuit design, and has the fault self-diagnosis function. When the carbon monoxide concentration gets to the alarm threshold, the product would emit the sound and flash alarm with the alarm sound pressure of 85dB/3m. The design of battery compartment on the top of the product allows for easy and convenient battery replacement.
    1. Loud Alarm Carbon Monoxide DetectorIt is designed to be mounted on the wall. The mounting base can be the 86×86mm junction box. The product comes with the manual testing and automatic reset functions. The user can test the product on a regular basis. Moreover, the product exploits the 3A/250V high capacity relay. It can control the work of the fan and electromagnetic valve.
    1. Carbon Monoxide Detector with LCD DisplayIt employs the NEMOTO electrochemical sensor. Working on the wide voltage of AC110V-240V, the product won’t be affect by the instable voltage. It also supports the use of rechargeable backup battery. When the battery power is insufficient, the product can remind the user of that. When the product is in alarm state, it can drive the fan to disperse the gas, and drive the electromagnetic valve to close the valve to stop gas leakage.
    1. Independent Carbon Monoxide DetectorPowered by wide voltage of AC100-240V, it can also work on the 9V backup battery. When the product is connected to the AC power source, the backup battery is charged automatically. After being charged once, it can serve for 4 to 6 hours in the case of AC power outage. Meanwhile, the product is outfitted with semiconductor sensor which has high sensitivity and long service lifetime.
    1. Semiconductor Carbon Monoxide DetectorThe product would conduct the inspection regularly to make sure that it is in normal working state. The output port of the electromagnetic valve and relay utilizes the metal terminal block which is convenient and safe to use. Meanwhile, the semiconductor carbon monoxide detector exploits the semiconductor sensor, featuring long service lifetime and high stability.
    1. Carbon Monoxide Detector, HM-722ES-BTThe MCU intelligent circuit design is conducive the stable performance of the carbon monoxide monitor. Installed with FIGARO electrochemical sensor, our high-sensitivity carbon monoxide detector ensures high safety of the working environment.
    1. Carbon Monoxide Detector, HM-722ESY-BTThe LCD for the CO detector is used to display the alarm concentration. In addition to the MCU intelligent circuit design, the high-sensitivity FIGARO electrochemical sensor is conducive to the high safety of the CO alarming device.
    1. Carbon Monoxide Detector, HM-723ES-BTThe self-diagnosis and automatic reset function for the ceiling-mounted CO detector bring more convenience to the users. The carbon monoxide detecting equipment is GB15322, UL2034, and EN50291 compliant.
    1. Carbon Monoxide Detector, HM-723ESY-BTThe automatic reset and self-diagnosis function ensure easy operation of the product. Our carbon monoxide detector with LCD is powered by two 1.5V AA batteries. Thanks to the MCU intelligent circuit design and the high-sensitivity FIGARO electrochemical sensor, the indoor CO detector has high safety.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Toxicity of Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide is the toxic gas which has no color, no odor, no irritation, and cannot be perceived by human sense organs. It can inhibit the oxygen carrying ability of blood. The carbon monoxide mainly affects the supply and utilization of oxygen. Its affinity with red blood cell is much higher than that of oxygen with red blood cell by over 300 times. The inhalation of carbon monoxide would cause body hypoxia.

When the carbon monoxide is inhaled into the human body, it gets into the lung, and combines with the red blood cells first to let the red blood cell lose the ability of delivering the oxygen, resulting in hypoxia of multiple human organs, and then leading to tissue damage and even death. Generally, people cannot be aware of that when encountering accidental poisoning, and often are found in the coma state. That would lead to serious injury and even death. So, the carbon monoxide is often called the invisible killer in household.

Generally, the carbon monoxide in the family comes from the faulty water heater, gas cooker, gasoline engine or other carbon monoxide source. People getting poisoned mainly happens for the reasons like improper use of gas, improper operation for using furnace indoors, enjoying the chafing dish of the type using charcoal, sleeping in the vehicle with the air conditioner open, and large quantity of carbon monoxide gas generated by the vehicle exhaust in the basement.

Product Introduction
The carbon monoxide detector detects the carbon monoxide concentration in the air via the carbon monoxide sensor, and generates the electric signal whose intensity degree is associated with the concentration of carbon monoxide. It mainly works for detecting the carbon monoxide leakage. Our product utilizes the carbon monoxide for calibration with the calibration concentration of 100ppm. Before leaving the factory, it needs to be processed with the ageing for 24 hours. The ex-factory pass rate is 99%.

With the function of software controlled calibration available, the carbon monoxide detector would carry out the self checking to sensor and the function of sound and flash alarm after being connected to the power source. It has the automatic protection function of prevention from the impact of high concentration gas. The product has high precision and high sensitivity. It is very important for guarding the security of the family. We suggest each family should have at least one such carbon monoxide detector. In addition, the carbon monoxide may appear at any layer of the household. It may not reach the layer that is already mounted with the device. So, for the sake of the safety of whole family, we suggest to mount such a product on each layer.

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