1. HM-701D Combustible Gas and Carbon Monoxide DetectorIt is the professional instrument for detecting the leakage of combustible gas and carbon monoxide gas. The product selects the most leading semiconductor gas sensitive element by installing two sensors internally for detecting the combustion gas and carbon monoxide separately. It works stably and has a long service lifetime.

Combustible Gas and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is the colorless, tasteless and poisonous gas. Through the respiratory tract, it enters into the human body and combines with the hemoglobin, causing hypoxia and leading to human poisoning.

Our combustible gas and carbon monoxide detector is mainly used for detecting the carbon monoxide and combustible gas (natural gas or LPG) leakage. In all places that there is the combustible gas such as liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, etc, once the gas leakage happens, the product would emit the sound and flash alarm to remind the user to take effective measures rapidly such as starting the linkage device, strengthening the ventilation and cutting off the gas source.

The combustible gas and carbon monoxide detector can help remove the danger and effectively avoid the occurrence of fire, explosion, suffocation, death, etc. If the combustible gas concentration exceeds the lower explosive limit, it would explode when encountering the kindling matter such as the lighter, appliance switch, and static electricity to cause damage.

1. The product can display the alarm concentration digitally, allowing the user to know the alarm information intuitively and clearly.
2. The CPU of the product exploits the American MCU. It is marked by fast computing speed and strong reliability.
3. The combustible gas and carbon monoxide detector is also available with the professionally designed mounting bracket.

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