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46mm 4-Wire Network Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The HM-613PC-4 46mm 4-wire network photoelectric smoke detector has no need to distinguish the negative and positive poles of power source. Its alarm output is normally close or normally open dry contact signal. The non-coding type product is approved by LPCB EN54-7 certification. It is available with relay output which can be chosen to be normally open or normally closed output according to the practical need.

In the normal working status of the product, the indicator flashes once every 10 seconds. In alarm state, it lights, and the contact action is output. Resistance to the radio frequency interference of 20V/m-1GHZ, the product provides two options of automatic resetting and resetting after power off. The two resetting modes can be chosen via the DIP switch at the bottom of the product. Meanwhile, the mounting base of the product utilizes the metal terminal block mode, which is simple and reliable. In addition, the product is compatible with all the conventional fire alarm control panels in the market.

Technical Specification
Operating Voltage DC9~35V
Quiescent Current 4mA (Normally Open Relay), 13mA (Normally Closed Relay)
Alarm Current 19mA (Normally Open Relay), 9mA (Normally Closed Relay)
Alarm Indication Red LED
Smoke Sensitivity 0.2dB/m(±0.1dB/m)
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Ambient Environment ≤95% RH
Alarm Output Relay Output (Optional with Normally Open and Normally Close)
Relay Contact Rating 0.1A, DC28V
Detection Zone 80m² for General Place Needing Protection When the Space Height is 6m to 12m
60m² When the Space Height is below 6m
Overall Dimension Ф100×46mm

Related Names
Interlinked Smoke Alarm | Photoelectric Fire Indicator | Security Smoke Detector

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