1. 4-Wire Network Photoelectric Smoke DetectorIt can achieve automatic resetting and resetting after power off. The user can choose the needed mode via the DIP switch at the bottom of the product. Meanwhile, the product can match all the fire alarm control panels in the market. With good reaction to the visible smoke generated by the slow smoldering or the flame combustion, it can be employed for detecting the smoke in residential area
    1. 46mm 4-Wire Network Photoelectric Smoke DetectorIn the normal working status of the product, the indicator flashes once every 10 seconds. In alarm state, it lights, and the contact action is output. Resistance to the radio frequency interference of 20V/m-1GHZ, the product provides two options of automatic resetting and resetting after power off. The two resetting modes can be chosen via the DIP switch at the bottom of the product.
    1. 43mm 4-Wire Network Photoelectric Smoke DetectorWhen in alarm state, it outputs normally open or normally close dry contact signal, and 85dB/m alarm sound with the LED indicator flashing. The alarm wire is optional with normally open and normally close. The product can also choose resetting after power outage or automatic resetting. With the high-density insect-proof net available
    1. 53mm 4-Wire Network Photoelectric Smoke DetectorThe HM-602PC-4 product is the non-coding type 4-wire network photoelectric smoke detector. It is manufactured with the thickness of 53mm. The product can work directly by connecting the DC power of DC9-35V. The indicator flashes when the product works normally, and keeps light when the product raises the alarm.

4-Wire Network Smoke Detector

The 4-wire network smoke detector works in conjunction with the fire alarm control panel. Its power line and signal output line are separate. And the power signal and the output signal are transmitted separately. The return signal line is not affected by the power source. Then, the test signal is more real and accurate.

The 4-wire network smoke detector connects with the fire alarm control panel via the four-core wire. When the product detects the existence of smoke and the smoke concentration gets to the alarm level, then, the internal circuit of the product generates the relay on-off signal, and sends the signal to the fire alarm control panel. And the red LED indicator flashes for indication. Having passed the LPCB EN54-7 certification, our product is marked by stable performance and strong conformability.

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