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Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector (AC Power Supply)

The HM-620PHR-AC wireless photoelectric smoke detector is powered by AC110V or AC200-240V with the 9V battery for backup. In the alarm state, it sends out the 85dB/3m alarm sound accompanied by the infrared LED indication. When the battery is employed for power supply, the function of low voltage reminding is available.

The wireless photoelectric smoke detector is also available with the coding jump setting. The coding jump is for setting the address coding and the detection zone coding between the product and the fire alarm control panel. A0 to A7 is the address coding, which should correspond with the fire alarm control panel. D0 to D3 is the data coding, and used for setting the detection zone.

After connecting to the power, the wireless photoelectric smoke detector directly enters the detecting state. The indicator flashes once every 40 seconds. For guaranteeing the normal work, the periodic test should be carries out. We suggest once a month. When testing, press down the Test&Mute key for 1s to let the product get into the sensitivity testing state. The alarm indicator of the product flashes quickly, and the buzzer emits the alarm sound. That shows the product works normally.

Technical Specification
Operating Voltage 9V Battery (One 6F 22 Battery for Power Supply) or AC110V/AC200-240V for Power Supply
Quiescent Current < 10uA
Alarm Current < 35mA
Battery Life 1 Year
Sensitivity 2.06%/ft±1.3%/ft
Alarm Sound Pressure ≥85dB/3m
Wireless Transmitting Frequency 315MHz/433MHz
Encoding Mode 2262/1527/HCS301
Transmitting Distance 200m (Open Space)
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Relative Humidity ≤95% RH
Overall Dimension Φ128×38mm
Executive Standard GB4715-2005, EN14604, UL217
Detection Zone 80m² for General Place Needing Protection When the Space Height is 6m to 12m
60m² When the Space Height is below 6m

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