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Wired Interconnected Smoke Detector (AC Power Supply)

The HM-620PHM-AC wired interconnected smoke detector can be battery powered, or powered by the AC power source plus the backup battery. At the bottom of the product, there is the plug-in type terminal block. The black and white lines are the AC power lines. The yellow line is the wired interconnection line. The wiring is simple and convenient. The product also exploits the high-precision optical chamber. It has high conformability.

The interconnection number of the wired interconnected smoke detector is 40 at most. Connect the yellow line of the product with each other for interconnection. When one product gives the alarm, all other interconnected ones send out the alarm sound. With the mute function available, the product can keep mute state for ten minutes after the mute button is pressed down. Additionally, the detection zone of the product is 60m² to 80m² in area.

Self-diagnosis Function
The wired interconnected smoke detector has the fault self-diagnosis function. When the product itself has the problem, it would give out the long alarm sound. That is for reminding the user of maintenance. When the buzzer makes the di sound once about every 40 seconds, and the alarm indicator flashes once quickly, then that shows the battery voltage is below the normal operating voltage of the product. Under this circumstance, the user should replace the battery timely. Otherwise, the product cannot be guaranteed to work normally. If the product emits the di sound twice about every 40 seconds, and the alarm indicator flashes twice quickly, then, the infrared photoelectric sensor breaks down. In this case, the user should contact the supplier in time, and cannot dismantle and repair the product without permission for avoiding the occurrence of accident.

Technical Specification
Operating Voltage 9V Battery (One 6F 22 Battery for Power Supply), AC110V or AC200-240V
Quiescent Current <10uA
Alarm Current < 35mA
Battery Life 1 Year
Sensitivity 2.06%/ft±1.3%ft
Alarm Sound Pressure ≥85dB/3m
Transmitting Distance 200m(Open Space)
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Relative Humidity ≤95% RH
Overall Dimension Φ128×38mm
Executive Standard GB4715-2005, EN14604, UL217
Detection Zone 80m² for General Place Needing Protection When the Space Height is 6m to 12m
60m² When the Space Height is below 6m

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