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Wireless Network Smoke Detector (Network with Alarm System)

Different from the HM-620PHW-AC product, the HM-620PHWR-AC wireless network smoke detector can network with the alarm system. Powered by AC power source, it is built with both receiving and transmitting modules. After the product is triggered to alarm, the alarm signal is sent to other products in the interconnected group in wireless way, thus forming the interconnected alarm.

There is the plug-in type terminal block at the bottom of the product, enabling simple and convenient wiring. Apart from the unique structural design, the product also utilizes the MCU for processing the photoelectric signal intelligently. Marked by the dustproof, pest immune and light interference resistant functions, it has high stability from the design basis.

Moreover, the wireless network smoke detector is provided with the wireless interconnected function, and fit for all kinds of installation environments. It can elevate the perception of the user to the alarm signal. Showing good reaction to the visible smoke generated by slow smoldering or the flame combustion, the product is often mounted in the places such as residential area, factory building, shopping mall, hotel, office building, teaching building, and bank for fire alarm.

Working Principle
The working principle of the product is that the particle in the smoke refracts the infrared light. The circuit of the product incorporates the infrared transmitting part, receiving part and MCU processing part. The transmitting tube and the receiving tube are all housed in the optical chamber. The optical chamber can shield the interference from the stray light outside, and it has no influence on the entry of the smoke.

When there is no smoke, the wireless network smoke detector only receives weak infrared light. When there is the smoke entering into the optical chamber, the scattering effect results in the strengthened received optical signal. When the smoke concentration gets to a certain value, and achieves the alarm threshold after the analysis via the MCU, the product would raises the alarm by sending out the shrill alarm sound and the alarm indicator flashing as well. Meanwhile, it sends the alarm signal to other interconnected products and fire alarm control panel.

As a result of the wireless interconnection range of the product being 200m in open space, then, within the range, once one product gives the alarm, all other products would make the same reaction. And after the alarm, the product can network with the wireless alarm controller. When there is the fire, it can send the alarm signal to the fire alarm control panel. Then, the user can notice the situation and know the detailed information from the fire alarm control panel to make corresponding coping measures to reduce the loss.

The wireless network smoke detector exploits the FSK protocol to receive and transmit the signal, allowing for better wireless interconnection distance and higher stability. Meanwhile, the protocol between the product and the wireless alarm controller is ASK mode which is simple and easy to operate.

Technical Specification
Operating Voltage AC110V/ AC200-240V (9V Backup Battery)
Quiescent Current < 25uA
Alarm Current < 35mA
Battery Life About 1 Year (Lithium Battery)
Alarm Indication Infrared LED Flashing
Alarm Sound Pressure ≥85dB/3m
Wireless Transmitting and Receiving Frequency 433MHz
Transmitting Distance 200m (Open Space)
Encoding Mode 2262/1527/HCS301
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Relative Humidity ≤95% RH
Overall Dimension Φ128×38mm
Executive Standard GB4715-2005, EN14604, UL217
Detection Zone 80m² for General Place Needing Protection When the Space Height is 6m to 12m
60m² When the Space Height is below 6m

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