Heat Detector

Adopting the heat detector is a low-cost but effective way for fire early warning. We provide the product of the fixed temperature type, rate-of-raise and fixed temperature type and the alarm temperature adjustable type for option. Our product utilizes the SMT production technology. The unique appearance design can not only protect the product from the damage caused by the external environment, but also allow for good air flow. When the environmental temperature rises up to the alarm threshold, the product gives the alarm, and sends the alarm signal to the alarm controller.

Our single heat detector has a wide detection range with the area up to 60 m² to 80 m². If customers want to detect larger area, then, they can get the effect by connecting multiple products in series. The product is very effective for fire early warning. It adopts double alarm indicator lights which can be visible within the entire 360 degrees. Meanwhile, the product is good in resistance to electro-magnetic interference and radio frequency interference.

The heat detector cannot detect the fire whose heat is out of reach. Therefore, we suggest that the user should use the product and other fire alarm product together. For instance, install the product beside the smoke detector as the supplementary to get the utmost level of fire early warning. The product is very suitable for the densely populated public places such as enterprise office, cinema, singing hall, church, etc. It is also very fit for household use.

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