Photoelectric Smoke and Heat Detector

The photoelectric smoke and heat detector is also called composite smoke and heat fire detector. It can raise the alarm for detecting the smoke concentration or the temperature change. The composite detection technology is currently the internationally popular new type multifunctional and high reliable fire detection technology. In terms of the process structure and circuit structure, the product is the multiple composite detection unit formed by the smoke sensor and semiconductor temperature sensor together. It has the performance of not only the traditional photoelectric smoke detecting device, but also the fix temperature and the rate-of-rise and fixed temperature detecting devices. The product has a rather wide applicaton range.

Our photoelectric smoke and heat detector adopts the MCU to implement intelligent processing to the photoelectric signal, and utilizes the high-precision smoke and heat sensors as well as the double-sided glass fiber PCB board. It can make accurate and rapid reaction to the visible smoke generated by slow smoldering or the flame combustion. With the built-in photoelectric smoke chamber and temperature sensor available, when the ambient temperature climbs over 57°C (135°F) or the environmental smoke concentration gets to the alarm threshold, the product is triggered to alarm. It is particularly fit for making early fire warning in restaurant, hospital, household, shopping mall and other places.

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