1. Independent Water Leak DetectorThe HM-003BHS independent water leak detector carries out the water detection by using the principle of electrode immersion in water leading to the change of the numerical value of resistance. Utilizing the MCU intelligent detection mode and probe antirust design, it is provided with rather high accuracy and sensitivity, as well as the strong points including low power consumption, good long-term stability, excellent reliability, etc.
    1. Wired Network Water Leak DetectorThe product outputs the relay signal. Its buzzer would emit the sound larger than 85dB/3m. Meanwhile, the product has the mute function with the mute time reaching up to 10 minutes. This function can avoid that the cleaning work triggers the device to emit the sound to disturb the people at rest. In addition, the wired network water leak detector can connect with the 86×86mm junction box.
    1. Wireless Network Water Leak DetectorIt would output the wireless signal to the alarm controller. The adoption of intelligent circuit design and antirust metal probe enable the product to enjoy a long service life. The product utilizes the sound and flash alarm mode. Owing to the low power consumption design, the battery can serve for three years.

Water Leak Detector

The water leak detector is designed based on the principle of the numerical value of resistance changing after the immersion in water of the electrode. As long as the two antirust metal probes of the product are immersed in the water, the product would raise the alarm. By using the MCU (micro control unit) to process the detection signal intelligently, it can ensure rather high accuracy and sensitivity. The product can be applied to all water storage equipment such as basement, water tank, water tower, and solar energy device, and the places such as air conditioner and floor to monitor the situation of water leakage or water overflow. It can effectively avoid the situation of water leakage or water overflow.

1. The water leak detector adopts the MCU for processing the detection signal.
2. The antirust metal probe can serve for a very long time.
3. By utilizing the low power consumption design, the product won’t consume the electrical energy when staying at the standby state. When the probe electrode detects the water, the product would immediately send the drive signal to the alarm host. Even the probe is immersed in the water always, it would no longer consume the electrical energy.
4. The water leak detector is available with sound and flash alarm.
5. It is also equipped with the test and mute buttons.
6. The product would give the warning when there comes with low battery.
7. The design of 5-pin connector allows for much easier and more convenient wiring.

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