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Our combustible gas detector is mainly for detecting the leakage of natural gas or the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). When the concentration of natural gas or the LPG in the air reaches the preset alarm concentration, the alarm indicator of the product lights and the product emits the alarm sound.
Carbon monoxide is the toxic gas which has no color, no odor, no irritation, and cannot be perceived by human sense organs. It can inhibit the oxygen carrying ability of blood. The carbon monoxide mainly affects the supply and utilization of oxygen. Its affinity with red blood cell is much higher than that of oxygen with red blood cell by over 300 times.
Carbon monoxide is the colorless, tasteless and poisonous gas. Through the respiratory tract, it enters into the human body and combines with the hemoglobin, causing hypoxia and leading to human poisoning.
The smoke detector is a kind of device for detecting the smoke in the air. It can accurately detect the smoke generated during the early fire to make early warning. In a certain space range, if the smoke density reaches the preset parameter value of the product, the probe would be triggered, making the internal circuit generate the alarm signal.
Adopting the heat detector is a low-cost but effective way for fire early warning. We provide the product of the fixed temperature type, rate-of-raise and fixed temperature type and the alarm temperature adjustable type for option. Our product utilizes the SMT production technology.
The water leak detector is designed based on the principle of the numerical value of resistance changing after the immersion in water of the electrode. As long as the two antirust metal probes of the product are immersed in the water, the product would raise the alarm.
The fire alarm control panel has the remote notification function. It is the part of the automatic fire alarm system whose other component parts include smoke detector, heat detector, fire alarm manual switch, and sound warning device. The automatic fire alarm system can make early warning in the formation process of the fire.

We are an experienced security products manufacturer and supplier. Our products mainly cover combustible gas detector, carbon monoxide detector, combustible gas and carbon monoxide detector, carbon monoxide and smoke detector, smoke detector, heat detector, photoelectric smoke and heat detector, passive infrared detector, and other auxiliary alarm products.

The smoke detector falls into the independent type, 2-wire network photoelectric type, 4-wire network type, wireless type and interconnected type. The photoelectric smoke and heat detector can be classified into the independent type, wired type, wireless type, and interconnected type. And our passive infrared detector product has the wired type, wireless type and tri-tech type.

Technical Strength
Our infrared detector utilizes the intelligent circuit design. Via the AD conversion to convert the analog circuit signal to the digital circuit signal, it can filter out all the possible factors leading to false alarm of the detector, such as the interference from white light, airflow, electromagnetism, radio frequency, etc. By using the digital circuit design, the combustible gas detector can filter out the false alarm sparked off by too much oil contamination.

Quality Control
1. We are approved by the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification of SGS company, and operate by following the system strictly.
2. Our working staff would get the regular training for strengthening the professional skills and knowledge.
3. The material and product are all stored in the dry and ventilated place. And we manage the material in accordance with the FIFO principle.
4. Our quality assurance department has the posts covering IQC, FQC, IPQC, and OQC to control the product quality from every link.
5. We are outfitted with the professional inspection equipment of smoke detector test tunnel and combustible gas tank for calibration.
6. The elements that our product adopts are all from the international famous brand manufacturers.

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