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We recommend the high performance price ratio product for the customers. The sample is also available for the customers with the sample expense charged at our discretion ...

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After being connected to the power, the carbon monoxide detector needs warming up for three minutes. During the three minutes, the user is forbidden to make gas test on the detector. Otherwise, that would cause damaged sensor, prolonged warming up time or changed sensitivity.

>> Matters Needing Attention >>
Make clear the possible leak points of the device needing detection, and analyze the leak pressure, leak direction, etc.
In line with the airflow direction, wind direction and other physical factors at the place with possible leak source, estimate the leak direction of the toxic gas in case of large quantity toxic gas leakage.

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We provide the following instructions for the appropriate products. Please download the file by yourself.

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The passive infrared detector is largely used in the security and protection engineering. For guaranteeing the high-efficiency normal work of the device, the design personnel need to tackle the vexed question of avoiding failing to alarm, reducing false alarm and especially minimizing the false alarm. So, there is the need for us to know the basic working principle ...

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